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Monday, March 8, 2021

Women’s Day

 I wish on this Women’s day that we should start to see and respect each other as HUMANS first. The ability to do on certain task should only be based on the efficiency of the person not on the gender.

If we are only teaching our girl child to be empowered then she will has to fight for it forever. I strongly believe that our male child also needs to learn how to go hand in hand. They should be free from ego where a girl is voicing her opinion and the boys should be free from the pressure to have a highly paid career, he must be the bread earner, he must buy a house before turning 35.

Let’s educate ourselves and generations to come that to see and respect each other as humans. No one is better than other on the basis of gender.

I really feel that if u want to change the world for women start it with supporting your mother, educating brothers, father, mother.

Stay happy☕️

Reading Slump

 Reading Slump!!

Reading slump is a deadly phase in the life of a reader where the reader is unable to read anything, no matter how much the reader wants to but just cannot go through the pages. It is not like that the book is too long or not of your peculiar interest in reading, it is just that You C A N N O T read.

 A reader is unable to finish a book no matter how good it is. The reader is unable to keep the interest in the books. There are various a reader goes into this vicious circle. It has been globally experienced by the readers. My reader friends used to tell me that they hit reading slump and I was like meh..whatever..you will soon get over it and you are making it a big scene out of it but hey hey now that I am suffering from it, I know how real and deadly it is. It is been more than 4 months and I am unable to read a book, I cannot pick any from my TBR, I even ordered The American Marriage from amazon so that I will get back to reading again.  My bookshelf is full with all the books that I wanted to read from ages but now even though they are in front of me, I just cant 😞😞

I feel guilty of not reading!

It used to feel anxious that I am unable to read anything!

So this is real!!

But the good news is, you can get rid of this slump one day. Every reader out there must have gone through it and if not, you will :D

There are many ways on internet which suggest to beat the reading slump which includes the following:

1) Pick a different genre book

2) Do not charge yourself guilty, let the monster calm down

3)Pick up short stories (Didn't work for me)

4) Change your usual environment of reading like if you always read in the bedroom then try your sofa or kitchen or your balcony

I have done a lot of trial and error method in this but what is working for me is reading only 2 pages a day!! It is a process and will take time. It will not put me out of the reading slump the next day but my aversion to pick a book will eventually die!!!

Lose weight

 Lose weight,

Hello there sailing in the same boat!!

Most of us want to lose weight and this pandemic and dalgona coffee have given additional attachments to the already pounds we have!! Simple interest ka compound interest ho raha hai ye weight!!

Most of us try to lose weight but never does, right!! On a serious note, post delivery I was in a stage that I thought I will never ever be able go back to the pre pregnancy weight. But I did it!! At this point, I wanted to shed excess weight not just because of how I looked but more because of the side effects.

What I have learnt all the way long that it is not a one day fancy thing, it is a journey, life style to eat healthy and the most important thing to keep in mind is Portion Control. Overeating of healthiest of food on earth will also lead to obesity.

Losing weight is a combination of various efforts taken on a daily basis. One must be disciplined in order to achieve something serious.

Pointers from my journey:

1 ) Weigh yourself (I procrastinated it for half of my life due to social shamming)

2) Portion control - Chocolate wont make you fat if you know the limits 

3) Discipline - One day you are motivated to move the mountains and another day you are eating anything and everything, will not lead to lose weight

4) Start writing down every single morsel you ate - this way, end of the day you will see that single piece has been taken multiple times a day - you know it is wrong

5) Listen to your body - Eat if you are hungry, do not starve

6) Homecooked food is the best if trying to lose weight

7) Nope, eating only salads does not work - additionally to your main course one must take. One must have a plate full of all required nutrients.

8) Everytime you pick something to eat which is not under your meal, ask yourself is this really going to help in shedding those unnecessary pounds. As it will surely add on empty calories.

Hope you reach where you want to in the healthiest way you can ❤️

Rujuta Divekar named her book aptly Dont lose your mind lose your weight.

Stay Happy

Friday, February 19, 2021

Chhatrapati Shivaji - The Greatest Man

 Hi All,

Today, 19th February on the auspicious occasion of birth anniversary of The Great Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj,  I am trying to write a few lines here. 

Shivaji maharaj is the warrior son of India. He was born in Pune in Shivneri district and belonged to the Maratha clan. His life was highly influenced from the teachings of Ramayan and Mahabharat. His mother, the respected Jijabai played a major role to teach him and carved him as not only a great warrior, king but also a GREAT MAN.

He created a loyal army and to our surprise even the Muslims too were into his loyal army. Around the world a image has been created that Hindu and Muslims don’t go well but deep down we all know that we have been deliberately divided in the recent years of this decade. Shivaji maharaj never discriminated Muslims because he wasn’t fighting the religion but the Mughals and their intentions to conquer Swaraj. There were many loyal Muslims into his army holding various ranks. He was literally the King of his Swaraj..The Janata Raja.

I would also love to mention that many armies are defamed for looting the people and raping the women. History has shown us instances where the Hindu women have taken there own lives to save themselves from these invaders. But, Shivaji Maharaj was one and the only one who has created such a great legacy of people with whom even the women from Moghul clan would knew they are safe and nobody will  dare to touch them .

Shockingly none of my NCERT books have sufficiently taught me about him. Sad reality. It needs to change. Unfortunately People like me are not given the knowledge of the Naval father of India.The forts and bridges built under him are still rock solid to date but if we go and check the bridges built by the so called great British are dilapidated.

 The more I read about him the more I realised how little I know. Indians really need to rethink about whom should we call “great” The Great Akbar or The Great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Jai Bhavani 

Jai Shivaji

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Did not fiinish! DNF


I hope everyone is well.

The topic of this blog post is DNF- did not finish! Anything which you left in between.

There is this tag, DNF people of world of books usually use but it brings a lot of emotions along with it. Readers relate with me here. One picks a book to finish but what if you are not able to finish the book? It simply means you are not connecting with the book and to the world it brings in your  hand. I was one of them who used to finish a book even though it is a sheer a struggle to connect. It did nothing but wasted a lot of time, made me prejudiced about the author that I cant relate to what the author has served in the form of a book. trust me, on one fine day, I realised that it is very okay to leave a book in half if you are not able to connect. Stop knocking the wrong door as life is too short to be spend on books you dont like. Dont believe me then just have a look on your TBR :) pick another and enjoy the other book.

Happy Reading!!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Quotes to Quote

                                                              Quotes to Quote

This section is close to my heart and is never ending one!! It consists of various motivational quotes which I find to uplift my spirits and motivate to stay strong!! 

I may or may not know the writer of the quote but I respect the writer to influence many with their words!! Please quote quotes in comments which have touched you in some ways and also mention the author if you know of the quotes I mentioned.

Here starts the list :

1) DO IT - Nike

2) If it does not challenge you

    Then it does not change you!!

3) Change is the ONLY constant!!

4) करत-करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान । रसरी आवत-जात के, सिल पर परत निशान ।। - This one I learnt in my school days and is still with me!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Food and People

Hi All,

Hope you are healthy!!

This blog post is about how magically food and people are intertwined!!

India is a country of diversity!! Not only in terms of religion but also languages, subcultures, food, rituals,crafts and attire and the list is huge. You must have heard this "Ghat Ghat pe pani badle Kos Kos pe Vani". Recently, whole of India celebrated the love of brother and sister relationship as Rakhshabandhan. Every part of India must have made something special on the celebration.
 Though, me and my brother are miles apart from each other and video calls tried to fill the geographical gap between us. This Rakhshabandhan, I not only missed my brother for tieing rakhi on his hand but also missed my parents too.

We look forward for festive seasons so that we all can be with our friends and family and celebrate and dive into sumptuous food. Most of the dishes are peculiarly made on the festive days and not on the rest of year. Hence, we all can reminiscence the sweet smells with the time of year and to the culture behind and most importantly People who made them.

            One of the best experiences I been having lately is loving all the delicacies which my Aai used to make in my childhood. Why?? Because, now I know that there are many cities between us and we cannot reach to each other without huge planning. So it is the food which brings all her warmth to me. Honestly, I do not like sweet dishes and hence did not eat lot of  festive delicacies back then. But now that, I am far away from my parents and trying to uplift the legacy of mothers established in the form of food, culture, rituals and trying to cultivate the true essence of  festivals for my child.

                         On every festival now I am inclined towards making the traditional delicacies and magically seeing myself to cherish the sweet dishes. This is nothing but coming closer to my parents. Experiencing the same smell, taste(I know I can never meet hers and mother- in -law's) makes me feel her closeness to me every time. 

Food and people are inseparable and it is not just the dish which the next generation makes but instill the love and respect of  elder ones. 

Anytime I cook anything traditional, it always gives me the warmth and security of love which I make sure to forward to next generation ❤❤ By the way, I made 'nararli bhat (Coconut Rice - a sweet dish)'

                        Certain tastes of life come later with the age!!!