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Friday, March 15, 2019


Hi there!!

Good morning and welcome to my blogs!!

You have just landed up on a blog page where you will meet an average girl next door.
OKAY OKAY..neither a girl "literally" nor "figuratively". I have been called an aunty at the age of 25 by all those little monster just because I am married.

Married = Aunty/Uncle
Unmarried = Didi/Bhaiya..like whattt and why????

Okay Enough!

So this is my blog where I try to put short blog posts inspired either from my life or from the people I see around the globe.

I try to write as relatable as I can. These blog posts wont end up in gyan bato all the time because we already have experts available. Thanks to internet. This is a simple place to relax. Believe me I am such an average girl   🙄 out there who eats angoor to kill her sweet cravings and believe me when I say angoor khate hai!!!!

Now, above was the introductory part for my blogs and now my introduction to my readers.

I am 33yrs and I have been married to the man of my dreams and we are blessed with a little munchkin (read monster) who just turned 1.5 yrs. My baby is already a big boy!!! I have worked in corporate sector for a while now a full time mommy!! Full time is 24*7. Baby burps and gassy 😐
Nonetheless, enjoying this roller coaster with my munchking💕

and loves Chai!!

So, we will meet every now and then on this little journey!!

Thanks for reading and investing your time.


  1. Great job ������
    I will be your very first follower ...so keep blogging and entertain us ...:)

  2. ������Thanks and it means a lot!!

  3. Very Nice..
    Married = Aunty😂
    Keep it up 👍 looking forward to read more.

  4. Cool. Curious to see what's coming

  5. Great!....ho Jaye, isi baat pe chay!!

  6. Wah wah...keep posting...love to read

  7. Very nice.keep it up.I think you are not an average girl.

    1. Thanku and this comment means the world to me!!

  8. Wow neha.. Chai lover mast hai.. Hahaha married equal aunty

  9. Hi Neha,very nice!!!looks like a great writer hidden there!keep it up.good job

    1. Haha!! Thanks for the appreciation. Hope you will enjoy the future content as well!!

  10. Very cool, neha...loved the intro, especially aunty/uncle and didi/bhaiya 😃😃hope all your blog will have the same wit as this one and yes it's so good to read a small, and crisp blogs
    All the best

    1. Thanku Tejal for the appreciation!! Yes just a small read but a worthy one is all in my mind!!