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Friday, March 22, 2019

Working Mom or Not Working Mom


The biggest question in front of me right now is whether should I resume to my corporate job or should I stay at home and take care of my child. (I have a son and I left my job for me, my son and my husband)

Should I be a working  mom or should I be a non working mom?? Any which ways, firstly I think the proper usage of word here should be "Earning Mom or not" because every mom works hard at home whether she is "working or not".
And once you go into parenthood you become a CCTV camera, you sleep with the eyes open. You are engaged all the time. So, point here is Getting paid or not in simple terms.

Caution : I usually get distracted when I try to prove my point!! haha...kehna kya chahte ho bhai!!
 Hota hai Hota Hai!!🤣

Though, I know the answer to my question that Yes, I will as of now stay at home for my baby to enjoy the very precious moments.However, often on a cup of chai, I find myself battling with the thought of adverse effects my career will have for not resuming corporate.

The next question arises that if I stay at home I waive my opportunity to earn money, waive my opportunity to earn appreciation, waive opportunity to get promoted. Over all, waiving many opportunities of having a sense of achievement. And, I chose to stay at home mom which allowed to find a new me. Dimensions of my personality which I never knew existed in me.

"Decision you take is neither a right decision nor a wrong decision.
Only you have the power to make it a right one or a wrong one."

Hence, here I am building blocks of bonding with him and myself.

The day it was certain for me that I am not going back as of now to my earlier job was the day I started working on me. I should always try to make myself able to earn. Yes, financial independence matters!! For you and for your family!!

Last but not least, own it if you are a working mom

own it if you are not a working mom..

both ways a mom is sacrificing a lot!!

Thank you for spending your time here.

Hope to see you all & any many more next time😊