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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Book Reading - Essential??


I welcome you all to my blog post. Hope all of you doing well!!

Today, this blog post is about why book reading is essential for all of us.

I started reading, correcting myself a bit, started reading English novels to improve my written and verbal communication during graduation and to become fitter for the job interviews.

In school, I used to read comics such as Chacha Chaudhary, Billu, Pinky, Champak and so on but in Hindi. I took reading as an exercise to work on my communication skills to crack interviews but gradually it became my hobby. Though, I go snail's pace to finish a book. I always wondered why am I even reading a novel if I cannot remember the story after a few months!!

Down the line, I realized that yes I do forget the story but the gist of the novel is changing me. Then and there I made a point to read all my life.

I will give you a short story on the same:

"Ek baar ek dada ji ne apne pote ko mitti ka kacha matka diya aur kaha ki jao isme roz pani bhar k lao. Pota karne laga magar roz ghar aate aate matke se pani leak ho jata kyuki matka abhi kacha tha. Issi frustration k chalte pota aapne dada k pass gaya aur complaint karne laga ki matke mei pani to bhar raha hu lekin pani roz ris jata hai ghar aate aate. Dada ji ne kaha "koi baat nahi, you keep doing it pote"😎

Ek din pote ko realize hua ki yr matka se ab to pani leak hona band ho gaya hai..wo dada ji k pass gaya aur bola " dadaji matke se pani ris na band ho gaya hai. Fir Dadu aapne swag me bole ki matka kacha tha aur usse pani ki zarurat thi jo dheere dheere pani bhar k rakhne se puri ho gayi lekin tumhe wo process visible nahi thi"

The same way reading changes you from within.

Same way reading changes your perspective towards others, you become more prudent and humble towards life. You stop playing victim's card..
One lives thousands of lives by reading and most importantly reading does not allow to stay as "kuwe ka mendak"...

That's all from me today.
Please feel free to leave your comments about the post, things to add on.
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  1. I like your basic fundamental regarding book readt

  2. Sure, this would inspire me to read. Difficult though

    1. All big names in business do read everyday!!

  3. Nice! I love to read..
    A recent book i finished reading is called "break your own rules". I highly recommend this book to all the women reading this blog. :)


    1. That is great Amruta!! Thanks for recommending!! I will surely take a look in this