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Friday, September 13, 2019

Book Review : Animal Farm

Review : Animal Farm
Author : George  Orwell

Animal farm is a classic written way back in the year 1945 and still holds its essence true in 2019 as well.

It seems to be based on totalitarianism in the era of World War II.

Animals on the farm decide to rebel against the cruel and unjust treatment to animals by none other than human. Thus, revolution comes into the picture.
Slowly and gradually animals win the battle over human with their combined efforts but in the guidance of most intelligent pigs.

The motto of the farm is set to be “All Animals Are Equal”.

After shedding all blood and sweat the farm is now owned, managed and operated by the powerful pigs.

The story is all about how the powerful becomes more powerful over weaker and uneducated set of population.

How well corruption, dominance, rowdiness, greed and manipulation can go hand in hand!!

The motto now goes as “ All Animals Are Equal but Some Are More Equal Than Others”.

Scary!! Isn’t it!!

Point on th scale of 1 to 5 (1being lowest and 5 being highest) = 4.5
Should read/Must read = MUST read

Alluring Readers = People in Corporate
Largely I think Everyone

Recommended Age 11+

My review does not do justice to the allegorical piece. Please read and share your experience.


  1. Nice book about a scary social scenario

  2. Yes It is!! This happens everywhere. The powerful always dominate the meek and take advantage.

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