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Friday, October 18, 2019

Day Care - Really, Care??


So I am quite disturbed since I saw  a video on the net where a couple of ladies are slapping a child with a chappal and taking turns to slap  the child!! WOW!!!

Finances, career, ambition are some, yet essential points which are taken into consideration when a mom decides to resume to her career.

Please, keep in mind that she is already fighting a zillions of odds and hoping that All Izz Well and she will not need to leave her job again.

Among various factors of concern, main concern is the security of the child and here comes the role of  Day-CARE. It is a place which is suppose to take good care of the children.

There are days when I am enjoying all lovie dovie talks with my little munchkin and then there are days where I want to go back to my job and earn for myself, my family. I am encouraging myself to prepare my resume and then I come across a gross video on social media where two ladies take turns to slap the kids with chappals!! This leaves me terrified for leaving my child in someone else custody for hours.

Please mind, the kids are not more than the age of 4-5 years.

The anger, the humiliation, the pain, the shame, the guilt I felt for the kid and his parents is beyond words.
I mean how dare she slap the child with chappals????

A child needs attention, patience and love the most.

Parents pay huge amount to these so called day cares and what they might get in return is something will be imbibed forever. How negatively this abuse can affect the innocence in childhood?? The thought of it makes me go sleepless in the night.

Why the day-care in western countries looks all lovie dovie and a day care in your own city is so terrifying??Because, they let their kids follow whatever they love to and not just to become an engineer and doctor. It is a vicious circle. People employed in day care, kindergarten, natal hospitals must be employed only on the basis of a professional degree which not only includes the science of it but also the emotional quotient.
And yes of course, strict law against any mishap.

All you need is love, passion and PATIENCE to handle a child.

There is NO recipe
There is NO rule
There is NO code
There is NO law

What I am trying to say to people who run day care is please do not employ person whose only need to work is earn a living out of it but also is passionate for the same. Because a child is not meant to be hit/abused.💔💔

P.S. : not saying that all day cares are bad but a single abuse is certainly heartbreaking and non acceptable.


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