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Friday, January 3, 2020

Book Review: My sister, The Serial Killer

This story takes place in today’s era where you see characters using social media platforms. Protagonist here is an elder sister whose younger sister is a serial killer. It is a short and precise story based in Nigeria where two sisters along with their mother live. Not to my surprise, they have been in an abusive relationship with their father. They have seen abuse in their parent’s relation as well.

The younger sister Ayoola is an eye candy and entices every male who sees her. But the elder sister, Korede, is way too matured and protective of her family. She is a cleanliness freak where as Ayoola is a mess. You will not see Korede’s phone charger tangled!! I promise!! Haha But but, you will not be able to find anything in place in Ayoola’s room. That’s how the story goes: Ayoola creates mess, Korede cleans it up for Ayoola.

Ayoola calls her sister every time she has murdered her boyfriend and Korede comes to save her from rotting in jail for her entire life. She does not take her sister to police because she is conditioned to protect her as an elder sister since childhood. Family comes first!! Isn’t we have seen the same chemistry in our families? Elder siblings to be always responsible for the younger ones.
One day Ayoola fixes her eyes on the Korede’s love and Korede is now aware and alarmed of the consequences!!

(Korede, if you are somewhere, please know I have my heart for you girl!!)

 Please read to know how it ends. I am basically not completely happy with the ending but nevertheless, this story is a good read.

The writing in the book is simple and in complete flow. The chapters are short and precise. If you have good reading speed, then you can finish in one go. It took me a couple of days to finish as I have to run around my toddler. Anyways, overall it is a good read!!

Point on the scale of 1 to 5 (1 being lowest and 5 being highest) = 3.5
Should read/Must read = Should read
Alluring Readers = All those who like thriller and suspense. Those who are thinking to start reading should definitely give it a try!

The above review is my opinion and the way I interpreted the novel. And, the world should agree to disagree. Hence, our liking and interpretations can entirely contradict. Please read and let me know whether you enjoyed reading it or not.

Plus, it was a gift to me from my Secret Santa!! (I know, aapko kya karna per fir bhi bata diya, Gratitude😊 )

Also, please suggest a few worth reading!!

Thank You and Keep reading blogs and books

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