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2 Minute Rule

Namaste, Hope you all are safe and sound!! Today's blog post is all about how one can Procrastinate the Procrastination. Before I ...

Friday, June 12, 2020

2 Minute Rule


Hope you all are safe and sound!!

Today's blog post is all about how one can Procrastinate the Procrastination.

Before I confuse you further, see what a 2 minute rule states : When you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to do.

This rule is basically applicable for all of us who are one day super productive while on other days are lazy potatoes and procrastinating every single task at hand. 2 Minutes Rule helps to get rid of procrastinating, getting things done timely and avoid being lazy. 

Currently, Thanks to Mr. Corona everybody is locked under the house with no house helps around plus the busy schedules and I seriously pray for couples who both work and have little kids(little devils). Many a times we juggle and juggle from chore A to B to Zoom Meetings to Awaz nahi aa rahi hai aapki to washing dishes to arre sanitizer to lagao and in between saving laptops from devils running around in the house. At least, this is how my house looks on weekdays.

Washing dishes thrice a day
Laundry a day
Making snacks for the 100th of time a day and endless

The juggling of duties to the chaos in the house pushes us to not do certain task which are not necessary right now but if not done creates a mess.

Initially, when the lock down started I was washing utensils either once or twice a day and accumulating every cup of chai I had. Every unused spoon my munchkin thinks is his toys and make them unusable by sophisticated people and finally they land up into the sink.

End of the day I was left with unlimited unwashed utensils (jaise bhandhara bulaya ho). But in a couple of days I realized that this is taking a toll on me and I am procrastinating going into the kitchen, I am being lazy because somewhere I was struck with the thought that a pile of dishes are had to be cleaned and I don't want to do it but there is no option than doing.

Now, here comes in picture our 2 Minutes Rule :  As per 2 minute rule, do any activity then and there which takes less than or 2 minutes to finish. Like, washing that cup of chai. 

Like :

Want to resolve an office issue long due -  start by adding it in to do's list
Want to start reading a book - start with one or two pages a day
Want to update your resume - start with switching on your laptop
Want to start reading newspaper - start with a one news a day
Want to do laundry but keep procrastinating - start then and there by taking laundry basket to washing area as soon as you take bathe 
Want to start going to the gym - start by putting your gym clothes
want to make your bed as soon as you wake up - do it then and there as it literally takes less than 2 minutes but if not done immediately then you know and I know how boring and improper the room looks for the rest of the time and every time u see unmade bed - the feeling is uhh!!!

The point here is to make your start easiest to complete the process and in no time you realize that it is part of your life. Nobody wants to read a single page for their lifetime as a habit but this exercise will help you gradually to make your habit the strongest and you will stop procrastinating them. 

I have taken examples from management of daily chores but this 2 minutes rule literally helped me in my various aspects of life. It keeps you prompt. on point and cancel the delays

I hope this article will help you in some ways. It has helped me

Please come back to read more and let me know in comments what you think about and shed some light if I have missed anything in here!!

Stay Safe