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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Food and People

Hi All,

Hope you are healthy!!

This blog post is about how magically food and people are intertwined!!

India is a country of diversity!! Not only in terms of religion but also languages, subcultures, food, rituals,crafts and attire and the list is huge. You must have heard this "Ghat Ghat pe pani badle Kos Kos pe Vani". Recently, whole of India celebrated the love of brother and sister relationship as Rakhshabandhan. Every part of India must have made something special on the celebration.
 Though, me and my brother are miles apart from each other and video calls tried to fill the geographical gap between us. This Rakhshabandhan, I not only missed my brother for tieing rakhi on his hand but also missed my parents too.

We look forward for festive seasons so that we all can be with our friends and family and celebrate and dive into sumptuous food. Most of the dishes are peculiarly made on the festive days and not on the rest of year. Hence, we all can reminiscence the sweet smells with the time of year and to the culture behind and most importantly People who made them.

            One of the best experiences I been having lately is loving all the delicacies which my Aai used to make in my childhood. Why?? Because, now I know that there are many cities between us and we cannot reach to each other without huge planning. So it is the food which brings all her warmth to me. Honestly, I do not like sweet dishes and hence did not eat lot of  festive delicacies back then. But now that, I am far away from my parents and trying to uplift the legacy of mothers established in the form of food, culture, rituals and trying to cultivate the true essence of  festivals for my child.

                         On every festival now I am inclined towards making the traditional delicacies and magically seeing myself to cherish the sweet dishes. This is nothing but coming closer to my parents. Experiencing the same smell, taste(I know I can never meet hers and mother- in -law's) makes me feel her closeness to me every time. 

Food and people are inseparable and it is not just the dish which the next generation makes but instill the love and respect of  elder ones. 

Anytime I cook anything traditional, it always gives me the warmth and security of love which I make sure to forward to next generation ❤❤ By the way, I made 'nararli bhat (Coconut Rice - a sweet dish)'

                        Certain tastes of life come later with the age!!!



  1. Certain tastes of life come later with the age!!!


    दिल जीत लिया

    1. ❤aapne bhi comment kar k dil jeet liya

    2. Please keep reading and sharing the post.

  2. Thanku. Please keep reading and sharing the post.

  3. Very nice Neha.Well explained.I liked it remembering my childhood.

    1. Wow!! That's so nice of you!! I think we all can connect here

  4. So sweet Neha....love your blogs. But have a complaint, you got to write more often (way more often)...eager to read the next one.

  5. Hey Aditya, Thanku very much!! This is so motivating for me. Yes, I am working on to write as often as I can.