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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Did not fiinish! DNF


I hope everyone is well.

The topic of this blog post is DNF- did not finish! Anything which you left in between.

There is this tag, DNF people of world of books usually use but it brings a lot of emotions along with it. Readers relate with me here. One picks a book to finish but what if you are not able to finish the book? It simply means you are not connecting with the book and to the world it brings in your  hand. I was one of them who used to finish a book even though it is a sheer a struggle to connect. It did nothing but wasted a lot of time, made me prejudiced about the author that I cant relate to what the author has served in the form of a book. trust me, on one fine day, I realised that it is very okay to leave a book in half if you are not able to connect. Stop knocking the wrong door as life is too short to be spend on books you dont like. Dont believe me then just have a look on your TBR :) pick another and enjoy the other book.

Happy Reading!!

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