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Monday, March 8, 2021

Lose weight

 Lose weight,

Hello there sailing in the same boat!!

Most of us want to lose weight and this pandemic and dalgona coffee have given additional attachments to the already pounds we have!! Simple interest ka compound interest ho raha hai ye weight!!

Most of us try to lose weight but never does, right!! On a serious note, post delivery I was in a stage that I thought I will never ever be able go back to the pre pregnancy weight. But I did it!! At this point, I wanted to shed excess weight not just because of how I looked but more because of the side effects.

What I have learnt all the way long that it is not a one day fancy thing, it is a journey, life style to eat healthy and the most important thing to keep in mind is Portion Control. Overeating of healthiest of food on earth will also lead to obesity.

Losing weight is a combination of various efforts taken on a daily basis. One must be disciplined in order to achieve something serious.

Pointers from my journey:

1 ) Weigh yourself (I procrastinated it for half of my life due to social shamming)

2) Portion control - Chocolate wont make you fat if you know the limits 

3) Discipline - One day you are motivated to move the mountains and another day you are eating anything and everything, will not lead to lose weight

4) Start writing down every single morsel you ate - this way, end of the day you will see that single piece has been taken multiple times a day - you know it is wrong

5) Listen to your body - Eat if you are hungry, do not starve

6) Homecooked food is the best if trying to lose weight

7) Nope, eating only salads does not work - additionally to your main course one must take. One must have a plate full of all required nutrients.

8) Everytime you pick something to eat which is not under your meal, ask yourself is this really going to help in shedding those unnecessary pounds. As it will surely add on empty calories.

Hope you reach where you want to in the healthiest way you can ❤️

Rujuta Divekar named her book aptly Dont lose your mind lose your weight.

Stay Happy

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