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Monday, March 8, 2021

Reading Slump

 Reading Slump!!

Reading slump is a deadly phase in the life of a reader where the reader is unable to read anything, no matter how much the reader wants to but just cannot go through the pages. It is not like that the book is too long or not of your peculiar interest in reading, it is just that You C A N N O T read.

 A reader is unable to finish a book no matter how good it is. The reader is unable to keep the interest in the books. There are various a reader goes into this vicious circle. It has been globally experienced by the readers. My reader friends used to tell me that they hit reading slump and I was like meh..whatever..you will soon get over it and you are making it a big scene out of it but hey hey now that I am suffering from it, I know how real and deadly it is. It is been more than 4 months and I am unable to read a book, I cannot pick any from my TBR, I even ordered The American Marriage from amazon so that I will get back to reading again.  My bookshelf is full with all the books that I wanted to read from ages but now even though they are in front of me, I just cant 😞😞

I feel guilty of not reading!

It used to feel anxious that I am unable to read anything!

So this is real!!

But the good news is, you can get rid of this slump one day. Every reader out there must have gone through it and if not, you will :D

There are many ways on internet which suggest to beat the reading slump which includes the following:

1) Pick a different genre book

2) Do not charge yourself guilty, let the monster calm down

3)Pick up short stories (Didn't work for me)

4) Change your usual environment of reading like if you always read in the bedroom then try your sofa or kitchen or your balcony

I have done a lot of trial and error method in this but what is working for me is reading only 2 pages a day!! It is a process and will take time. It will not put me out of the reading slump the next day but my aversion to pick a book will eventually die!!!

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