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Monday, March 8, 2021

Women’s Day

 I wish on this Women’s day that we should start to see and respect each other as HUMANS first. The ability to do on certain task should only be based on the efficiency of the person not on the gender.

If we are only teaching our girl child to be empowered then she will has to fight for it forever. I strongly believe that our male child also needs to learn how to go hand in hand. They should be free from ego where a girl is voicing her opinion and the boys should be free from the pressure to have a highly paid career, he must be the bread earner, he must buy a house before turning 35.

Let’s educate ourselves and generations to come that to see and respect each other as humans. No one is better than other on the basis of gender.

I really feel that if u want to change the world for women start it with supporting your mother, educating brothers, father, mother.

Stay happy☕️

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